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Now partnering with Celebrity Catering, Lily Rae Engraved boards filled with charcuterie accompanyments from Celebrity Catering. 


Choose from multiple engraving options & sayings.


Perfect for any event. 


-Boards are treated with food grade mileral oil



-Acrylic cheese labels-Cheddar, Pepperjack, & Brie

-2oz mineral oil for coating 

-Full Board of Charcuterie-accompanyments may vary 

Celebrity Catering Charcuterie

  • -Do not place in a dishwasher.

    Always store it in a cool dry place.

    - Hand-Wash

    -Wipe Dry

    -Do not submerge in water

  • Completed boards will be avaiable for pickup at Celebrity Catering

    75 west Long Lake, Troy, 48098

    Please add desired date and time  (Hours 10-2-Super Bowl Sunday) for pickup. 

    You will receive an email with confirmation of pickup time. 

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